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Electrician in Strathfield

Looking for an electrician in Strathfield? Call True Site Electrical today on 0450 070 088 for a trustworthy emergency electrician for residential, commercial and industrial solutions.

Strathfield Electrician

Are you looking for an electrician in the area? There is no job too small or too large for our electricians at True Site Electrical, as we have experience dealing with faulty switchboards and upgrading to light-emitting devices in the most convenient manner possible.

We can handle any electrical problem and commercial, industrial, real estate and residential projects. Among the electrical services we provide are the following:

Our electricians can also assist you if you have an electrical emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can fix your issue with same-day services. Also, our electricians ensure you understand what we’re doing before we start working. We will only offer the electrical solutions you need.

Contact us if you require an electrician in Strathfield.

wiring electrician

General Electrical & Maintenance

Do you want to upgrade your hot water system? Do you get tired of tripping over extension cords? The professionals at True Site Electrical can help you solve these problems easily. We offer a wide range of electrical repairs, installation services and maintenance in the area, such as:

We will be here to help you with your electrical system in the long term. As a team with expertise and the appropriate equipment, we can diagnose and repair your electrical devices and wiring efficiently.

Let us take care of your electrical equipment and systems for safety testing and regular maintenance!

Emergency Electricians

It is possible to experience an electrical emergency in Strathfield. Each time, we should be able to deliver efficient and exceptional electrical work. Our expert team of electricians has been selected to ensure we can deliver outstanding and efficient electrical services every time.

Exactly what is an electrical emergency? It means anything that could pose an electrical hazard to you or your property. Here are some of the most common electrical emergencies:

There is no way to ignore these issues. If you notice any electrical hazard, please contact us as soon as possible.

Commercial, Industrial & Real Estate Electricians

You can rely on us for all of your electrical needs. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees who can provide electrical installations and repairs.

Commercial Electrician

Do you need a commercial electrician that understands your electrical system? We are here to help. Maintaining and servicing your business can be a frustrating experience if it isn’t done properly. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an electrical emergency.

Industrial Electrician

Our industrial electricians provide premium electrical services and repairs across a wide range of industries. It’s possible to repair and diagnose electrical issues with our fault detection services.

Real Estate Electrician

The corporate body manager, property manager or strata manager must always have a reliable electrician on hand. Our services have been tailored to meet your needs in order to make sure you and your tenants are happy with them. In addition to keeping extensive records of your rental property, we offer affordable options.

safety switches

Switchboards & Safety Switches

You need your switchboard, circuit breaker and safety switch to operate safely and efficiently. It is essential that these devices are maintained and repaired on a regular basis.

If you have any of the signs, our electricians can help you upgrade your switchboard.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a safety measure that can’t be overstated. You need to make sure that they are installed and maintained by a licensed Strathfield electrician if you want them to operate efficiently.

Smoke alarms must be installed in compliance with Strathfield’s smoke alarm regulations. Our team can also help you ensure that your rental property complies with all current laws if you own one.

You may need to replace the smoke alarms in your home. We can arrange for smoke alarms to make you safer if that is the case.

lighting electrician

Lighting & Power

Have you thought about brightening up your house? There is more to lighting than just installing it. If you want it to be effective, you need to choose the right type and lighting design. We have Strathfield electricians who know lights, so we can help you select and install the perfect lighting solution. Our lighting services include the following as part of what we provide to our clients:

Professional electricians can increase your electrical system’s power. Maybe you don’t have enough power points or would like to upgrade to new sockets with USB ports? Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals if you have any questions.

We can help with any issues you have with your electricity, such as minor shocks, warm power outlets and tripping circuit breakers, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always here to help.

Need An Electrician In Sydney? Call Us!

Suppose you are in a hurry and need an urgent repair or would like to speak with an experienced professional about your next electrical renovation. In that case, True Site Electrical can help you. You will never have to go to another Strathfield electrician after working with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

The safety of our customers and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. What are you waiting for? You can reach our friendly customer service team by calling 0450 070 088. It’s possible to get a free quote from the website.

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