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Solar System & Battery Storage Sales & Installation

Confused about solar panels? Trying to find solar panel companies near you? Or maybe the best value solar panels? Don’t know what size your household solar system should be? Maybe you have done your research and are now looking for the best solar panel installers. Well you need not look any longer.

True Site Electrical is your one stop shop for residential solar systems. What separates us from the rest is that unlike most solar companies, our company is actually owned and run by  CEC accredited solar installers and licensed electricians. What this means for you is that rather then dealing with someone with no professional training in the industry who is just after making a sale or two, you will be dealing with licensed industry professionals who not only have training but also hands on experience in installing solar panels.


One of our in house accredited installers will supervise your installation thoroughly. From rail installation to ensuring all cabling is run to standard, inverter installation and mounting the actual solar panels.

We don’t use sub contractors on a “pay per job” basis who generally rush an installation to try and fit in two jobs per day.

We have a 1 job maximum per day policy to allow our install team to take the necessary time to treat your job with the care it deserves. Nothing is rushed and there are no short cuts. 

All our products are supplied by Australian wholesalers supporting Australian business. We are currently in the process of sourcing Australian made solar products.

Maximise Solar System Value

True Site Electircal know your energy bill is a major concern for your household. That’s why offer the latest in solar battery technology to enable you to maximise the value of your installed solar system.

A suitable battery system will help store energy during daylight hours and allow your family to use the solar power at night when the sun goes down.

As most people use more power at night when they’re home, a high quality solar battery array can help you save a lot of money on your utilities bills.

Have Any Questions ?

Your solar panels draw free energy from the sun so when you use this electricity it means your purchasing less from the grid. By relying less on commercially-generated power, you’re taking control of your energy independence and will save significant amounts of money on your power bills each quarter.

True Site Electrical only stocks the highest quality battery options from reputable brands including Tesla, LG and Q-Cells.

A solar battery array uses rechargeable batteries to store electricity generated by solar panels during the day and releases it at night when there’s no sun.

Solar batteries have become a lot more affordable and are much more reliable than before. These cost-effective systems basically pay themselves off over time.

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