Smoke Alarms, Emergency & Exit Lighting

Smoke Detector Installation

New South Wales law states smoke alarms need to be installed on every level of all residential properties where people sleep, including:

  • Owner occupied homes
  • Tental properties
  • Relocatable homes
  • Caravans and camper-vans 

Additionally, landlords and real estte agents must ensure smoke alarms installed in rented properties are working properly.

For new smoke alarm installation, please contact True Site Electrical today!

Professional Emergency & Exit Lighting Services

Exit and emergency lighting are essential for the safety of every commercial and industrial property. Making sure your lighting systems are correctly installed to meet the latest Australian Standards is our complete focus. 

True Site Electrical offers expert emergency and exit lighting services for retail, commercial and industrial properties across Sydney. Our commercial electricians help with new emergency and exit light installation, testing for compliance as well as lighting upgrades and repairs.

Have Any Questions ?

Photoelectric alarms are better at sensing smoke than ionization alarms. Ionization alarms are good at detecting fires but not as good when their is smoke. 

A basic smoke alarm test is done by pressing and holding the test/hush button for 3 seconds. If the alarm sounds, it’s working 

Do not ignite nything to test your smoke detector as this can cause housefires.

Regardless of which make or model of alarm you have, you must replace it t least every ten years. Over the course of their lifespan, smoke alarms accumulate dust and debris which causes them to be less effective. 

This indicates a flat battery and is a common problem for older smoke alarms. In fact, you should replace the 9V battery every year. If your alarm is chirping, please replace it immeditely then call us to upgrade to a more modern model.

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