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Test & Tag Sydney

Rely on us to provide comprehensive test and tag services in Sydney to keep you safe at home and in the workplace. We test and tag all portable electrical appliances and equipment, including extension leads, power boards, tools and appliances, to ensure they are safe to use!

Commercial & Residential Test & Tag Services

If you’re the owner of a residential or commercial property, you must be aware of the testing and tagging requirements in New South Wales. 

The testing and tagging procedure involves a thorough inspection of all the electrical appliances on the property for safety purposes. As such, you should conduct regular testing and tagging on your property to ensure that all your electrical appliances are running properly. 

Naturally, this will also help detect most faults before they can cause severe damage like electrical fires and fatal electrocutions. However, this doesn’t mean you can test them on your own, as qualified and licensed Sydney electricians should only do the testing. 

At True Site Electrical, we have a team of highly trained and experienced electricians who can help you with testing & tag services at affordable rates. So, give us a call today!

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What Does Testing & Tagging Involve?

We will send one of our experienced Sydney electricians to your property to conduct a preliminary inspection. Following visual inspection, your appliances will be tested using a portable appliance tester to check their internals for damage.

The portable appliance tester will also be used to comply with other testing requirements, such as voltage checks. Then, a coloured tag will be attached to all of your appliances, signifying the months of the next required inspections. Remember to schedule the next inspections in advance while keeping the tags on.

If our electricians find any faults in your appliances during testing, you can speak with our electricians to schedule repair and maintenance services. Not only that, but you can also rely on our services for replacing or installing new appliances as required.

Types Of Testing And Tagging

Broadly speaking, you can avail of the following test & tag services from the local electricians at True Site Electrical:

  • RCD (Residual Current Device) testing- checks the efficacy of RCDS in case of electrical emergencies
  • Lead Testing- Determines the integrity of device terminals, welds and seals
  • Emergency and Exit Light Testing- especially required for commercial spaces like restaurants, shopping malls, schools, factories, etc.

Call The Electricians Who Understand Your System! 

By choosing Tru Site Electrical, you can rest assured about hiring the best local electricians in Sydney, no matter the size of your property or the number of appliances. 

If you want to learn more about our test and tagging services in Sydney, you can easily reach out to us on 0450 070 088, so book your appointment today!

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Have Any Questions ?

Test and Tag is a service our electricians provide to test and visually inspect your electrical equipment for any faults and affix a tag to the item to confirm that it is safe for use. This service is recommended to be done regularly.

Our Test and Tag Service covers all types of electrical equipment, from kitchen appliances to industrial machinery.

The frequency of Test and Tag Service depends on the type of environment the electrical equipment is in. In a hazardous environment, such as a factory, it is recommended that a Test and Tag Service is done every three months. For general use, a Test and Tag Service may be done every six to twelve months.

During a Test and Tag Service, the electrician will visually inspect the equipment for any faults and then use a device to check the electrical components of the equipment. If any faults are found, our electrician can repair them or replace the equipment.

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