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Switchboards & Safety Switches

Rely on us for high-quality installation, repairs and upgrades of switchboards and safety switches. We use the latest testing and inspection technology to ensure that your electrical system is up to standard, and guarantee a quick and quality job.

Professional Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Older buildings and homes that have ceramic fuse-type switchboards pose a much higher risk of electrical fires and offer limited protection against the risk of electric shocks.

It is an absolute no-brainer in terms of safety to upgrade your switchboard as you make additions to your electrical installation. You need to ensure your switchboard’s electrical integrity is good in order to prevent electrical faults that could result in electric shock for your family or employees. Having an outdated switchboard or old wiring without the proper circuit protection can pose a serious safety risk. 

Combined with circuit breakers, safety switches are installed on a switchboard to protect people from electrical shock. The circuit breaker or fuse is designed to cut the power off when the electrical wiring is overloaded, which could cause an electrical fire. There should be safety switches in every home and they should shield wiring and appliances – not people. 

If you are experiencing any of the following issues at your home, upgrading your switchboard is essential: 

  • Fuses keep blowing
  • Lights that flicker
  • Overcrowding
  • Loose connections
  • Short circuits
  • Rewired fuses

All switchboard installations nowadays should have safety switches installed under New South Wales law. Contact True Site Electrical for switchboard upgrades in your Sydney home or business today.

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Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches save lives as they trip in 0.03 of a second when an electrical problem occurs. Safety switches protect you and your family from electrocution.

When a fault occurs within an electrical appliance or a power or lighting circuit, your safety switch will turn the power supply off in a fraction of a second to stop anyone from being electrocuted.

According to New South Wales legislation, all new homes must have an electrical safety switch installed on all power and light circuits. Homes that are older are required to have an electrical safety switch installed if modifications are made to the existing electrical system.

 Every Sydney home must have a safety switch installed by a licensed electrician. Our licensed technicians are ready to install safety switches on your property right away. 

Have Any Questions ?

Old electric switchboards can regularly blow fuses and upgrading your switchboard helps protect your loved ones and property by improving the power supply and removing the dangers of a faulty board.

Many people don’t understand this point. Circuit breakers protect your electrical system from overload whereas safety switches are there protect you and your family from electrocution. Circuit breakers trip when there is a power surge and prevent damage to your wiring appliances. If touch a live wire, you’d earth the circuit through your body and be electrocuted – that’s what safety switches prevent by turning off the power in  millisecond.

Most homeowners think that one safety switch is enough when in fact a safety switch should be installed on each and every electrical circuit. For example, you need a safety switch for your air-conditioner, lights, power sockets and hot water unit for example.

Safety switches can trip for any number of reasons including:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Electrical faults
  • Faulty wiring
  • Faulty safety switches themselves

We strongly recommend reducing the load on that circuit then contacting us straight way so we can check it.

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