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Safety Switches & Circuit Breakers

There is no better way to protect your electrical system than by letting our experienced Sydney electricians install or repair your safety switches and circuit breakers. Speak to our team today and find out how we can keep your property free from danger!

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Would you like to know if the electrical system in your home or business is safe? Various electrical hazards can put your property and the people inside at risk, including faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and other electrical hazards. That’s where safety switches and circuit breakers come in. Combined, safety switches and circuit breakers ensure your safety and the protection of your property by protecting you from electrical surges and accidents.

A safety switch, also known as a residual current device (RCD), is designed to quickly shut off power to an electrical circuit when it detects an abnormality in the electrical current. On the other hand, a circuit breaker automatically shuts off the power in case of overload or short circuit.

By installing, replacing, or repairing safety switches and circuit breakers, you can protect your property and its occupants against electrical hazards. And the easiest way to install or replace circuit breakers and safety switches in Sydney is by contacting our experienced electricians at 0450 070 088 today!

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What We Can Do To Keep You Protected

We offer a comprehensive range of safety switch and circuit breaker services across Sydney, including:

  • Safety switch installation
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Safety switch and circuit breaker repairs
  • Electrical inspections
  • Customised solutions

Local Sydney Electricians Prioritising Safety & Experience 

At first glance, a safety switch and a circuit breaker may seem like similar components to a property’s electrical system. However, some key differences make both essential for system safety and functionality:

Safety Switches

Safety switches detect electrical imbalances caused by leakages or faulty wiring. This can reduce the risk of electric shock, electrocution, and electrical fires. All properties, especially those with older wiring, outdoor areas, or swimming pools, should have safety switches installed in their main switchboards or individual circuits.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers protect electrical circuits against overloads, short circuits, and ground faults by automatically shutting off the power when necessary. In this way, electrical fires and equipment damage are prevented. Typically, circuit breakers are installed in the main switchboard and have an interrupting capacity, determining the maximum amount of current they can safely interrupt. Different circuit breakers may be required according to a property’s electrical demand and usage.

Your Local, Trusted Electricians In Sydney

You may be wondering how to ensure your property is adequately protected now that you know how safety switches and circuit breakers function. This is where our safety switch and circuit breaker services come in. Our services offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Your property can significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents and damage by installing or replacing safety switches and circuit breakers. By doing this, you can provide peace of mind for yourself and your family or tenants and meet Sydney safety standards.
  • Increased Functionality: Power outages, tripped circuits, outdated or faulty safety switches and circuit breakers can cause other electrical problems. We can improve your electrical system’s functionality and reliability by repairing or replacing these components.
  • Expertise & Experience: The installation, replacement, and repair of safety switches and circuit breakers require specialised skills and knowledge. We employ licensed and experienced electricians capable of repairing and correctly installing safety switches and circuit breakers.
  • Investing In Affordable Solutions: Electrical upgrades and repairs can often be costly, which is why we offer affordable and cost-effective repair and replacement solutions for safety switches and circuit breakers. Based on your budget and preferences, our team can assess your property’s needs and provide customised recommendations.
  • Fast & Convenient Service: Because electrical issues can be urgent and disruptive, we provide quick and reliable safety switch and circuit breaker installation, replacement, and repair services. You can depend on us to provide prompt solutions that return your property to a safe and functional state as soon as possible.

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There is no better team for unbeatable repairs and superior installations than True Site Electrical. We are always available to help you whether you need emergency assistance or have questions regarding your next upgrade or renovation! Contact us today and keep your property protected!

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Have Any Questions ?

It is recommended that safety switches be tested at least four times a year (every three months) to ensure that they work correctly. A licensed electrician should perform annual safety switch testing and inspections.

Circuit breakers must be replaced when they frequently trip, emit burning sounds, or have visible damage or corrosion.

You can check whether your property has a safety switch by looking for a switch with a “test” button on your electrical switchboard. You can also call our electrician to inspect your switchboard to determine if safety switches are present.

Electrical requirements vary from appliance to appliance. You may need to upgrade your circuit breaker if the new appliance requires more power than your current circuit breaker can handle. We can assist you with determining the right circuit breaker for your devices based on an assessment of your electrical needs.

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