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Electrical Safety Inspections Sydney

The best way to ensure your electrical system is safe is to book an electrical safety inspection with our team. Our experts can identify any potential faults or damage - saving your from costly repairs and potential hazards. Call today to book yours!

Fast, Accurate Electrical Safety Inspections

When was the last time you had an electrical inspection?

It may surprise you to learn that it is best to have an electrical inspection for your home at least every couple of years, and even more so for rented properties. And if you are purchasing a new property, understanding the electrical system you are working with is vital to your safety and future renovation plans.

Our extensive electrical inspections in Sydney ensure you and your family are equipped with the information to safeguard you against electrical dangers. Having years of experience in fault finding and hazard detection, you can be sure that nothing will escape our experts.

To book your electrical safety checks with our Sydney electricians today, call 0450 070 088.

checking switchboard for compliance
testing circuits on switchboard

When Should You Have Your Electrical System Inspected For Safety?

Inspecting your electrical system is essential if you are experiencing any problems with your electrical appliances, wiring, or switchboard.

A flickering light and a blown fuse are two obvious signs that you require an urgent inspection. Other signs include:

  • Odd noises coming from the wall outlets
  • Switches and plugs becoming hot
  • Burnt smell from the wires
  • Sparks flying from the wall sockets and switches
  • Issues with smoke detectors
  • Faulty or damaged switchboard

Buying Or Renovating Your Home? Get Assessed

You should conduct electrical safety checks when renovating or purchasing a new home. In Sydney, older houses may have electrical components that are old and outdated, worn, or missing altogether. For example, the wiring may not be earthed or may be damaged or frayed

Thankfully, you can get the inspection done affordably and at any time with True Site Electrical – your local electrician in Sydney.

How Do We Perform An Electrical Safety Inspection?

When conducting a safety inspection of your household electrical systems, our electricians will follow a detailed checklist in compliance with the AS3000 standards. This allows us to ensure the integrity of the system and fix any existing faults. For those who are curious, the checklist has been listed below.

  • Inspecting the wiring and electrical fixtures for any damages
  • Ensuring that circuit breakers and safety switches are correctly installed
  • Determining whether the grounding of the electrical system is appropriately done
  • Making sure the wiring is up to date
  • Inspecting the wires and switchboard for signs of overloading
  • Checking the insulation of wiring in damp locations
  • Assessing appliances and connected electrical devices

Our electricians will come fully prepared for the task, so if they notice any issues with your electrical system, they will fix it on the spot. This ensures that you don’t have to wait for repairs, which makes the process all the more convenient.

Book Your Inspection Today!

Your electrical system powers everything from your lights to your fans to your television. 

An electrical inspection is essential to ensure that your system continues to operate normally. Failure to do so will result in disruptions, such as blown fuses and flickering lights. Extreme cases could pose significant safety risks to residents. 

So, avoid the stress and book a Sydney electrical safety inspection with our trusted local team at True Site Electrical today!

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Have Any Questions ?

For safety, we suggest yearly so that we can also undertake any annual maintenance that made be required on any devices or appliances.

A buzzing sound coming from your electrical wires generally means there is damage. So, it’s best to call us so we can assess the issue and correctly identify the cause of the problem. 

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