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Phone & Data Electricians Sydney

Stay connected with our trained and certified technicians. We provide top-tier service to enable smooth, efficient phone and data transfer at homes or businesses. Call us today for all your voice, data cable installation needs.

Connecting Sydney Locals With Expert Services

Are you hearing crackling sounds when you use your telephone or is your data connection a bit slow after that construction work in a distant area? 

For homes as well as businesses, speedy and efficient data transfer is crucial for several reasons.

If you do not have proper data cabling, you may find it challenging to perform everyday operations and communicate with customers or clients through printers, phone systems, computers, and other devices. 

Modern homes also depend on smart devices to a great extent and have computer systems and consoles, which require proper internet connectivity. This connectivity can be severely affected due to reasons like nearby construction work or natural events, causing disturbances in your phone line and reducing internet speeds.

If you are dealing with such problems, contact our Sydney phone and data experts today at 0450 070 088!

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What We Offer - Why You Need Our Team

Our expert technicians offer phone and data cable installation services for both homes and businesses across Sydney. Our Sydney electricians can perform complete installations, testing, and commissioning of the communication systems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we can upgrade outdated systems to ensure faster speeds and reliable connections. 

As part of our installation services, True Site Electrical technicians can inspect and repair damaged cables or other components. We can identify worn-out components and replace them as quickly as possible.

Regular maintenance is also crucial to ensure your data network performs optimally at all times. And True Site Electrical can help ensure that such maintenance is undertaken thoroughly and timely. So, for all your network installations, repairs and maintenance, contact True Site Electrical today!

Signs Indicating You Need Our Data Cabling Technician

If you are unsure of when to hire a data points and cabling technician, remember your home or office network supports a large number of devices simultaneously.

Old Connections & Cabling

In the case of old connections, issues can develop over time that affects the performance of the connected devices, resulting in reduced speeds, disturbances or other problems.

Inconsistent Downtime

Frequent network downtime can also adversely affect your experience at home and the day-to-day running of any business. In the latter case, it can be extremely damaging since the reputation of any business depends on customer interactions, which often take place over the internet.

An Issue With Cables

Damaged or worn-out cables are another indication that you need data points and cabling electricians in Sydney. Ideally, such cables should be replaced every five years.

What Can We Do For You?

Our certified electricians in Sydney offer top-notch data cabling installation services in Sydney, adhering to ACMA regulations for phone and data point installation. Our technicians undergo regular training and hold valid licenses for safe and compliant telecommunications network installation. 

You can call us for data point installation, and install extra data, phone and internet outlets around your home or business premises and even offer suggestions for the best network. Our services include:

  • Installing additional phone points

  • Replacing damaged phones

  • Telephone cabling and Ethernet cabling

  • MDF jumpering

  • Installing a new network

  • Installing modem outlets and data points.

Get In Touch With Our Electricians Today!

Experience unmatched electrical services in Sydney with a call to us today! Our systematic approach ensures neat and organised data cabling systems with every installation or repair.

We are proud to offer customised, high-quality solutions to both residential and commercial clients at budget-friendly rates.

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Have Any Questions ?

Yes. We’re available every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays.

These phones call over an IP network such as the internet instead of using the normal telephone network.

No. We advise having a professional data cabler as using someone unlicensed can cause insurance policies and product warranties to be made void.


Homes and businesses have standard electrical wiring however data networks are completely separate systems and independent from the power supply.  Communications networks rely on different wiring and connectors to transmit electrical signals.  

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