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Electrical Defect Notices Sydney

Get your electrical defect notices remedied fast and affordably with our expert team. With our customised services we will accurately diagnose and repair any faults within your electrical system. Call us today to discuss your needs!

Let Us Take Care Of Your Electrical Defect Notice

Have you been sent electrical defects notice?

Receiving an electrical defect notice from the inspection authorities can be stressful. It indicates that the electrical systems in your building do not meet the recommended safety and quality standards. So, for your safety and to avoid any further trouble, you should see this issue immediately.

Electrical defect notices are usually issued when the wiring in your property has become too old or damaged. They are a reminder to get your wiring repaired or replaced. 

As it requires considerable expertise in electrical systems, only a licensed Sydney electrician can undertake the repair work. So, if you’ve received a notice, get in touch with True Site Electrical right away!

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checking defect notice in commercial building

What Are The Reasons For Getting An Electrical Defect Notice?

An electrical defect notice is issued when the wiring becomes old or faulty. On that note, you should be aware of several warning signs of faulty or old wiring so that you can make the necessary repairs before getting the notice. These warning signs include:

  • Sparks flying from the wall outlets
  • A burnt smell coming from the electrical wires
  • Buzzing or crackling noises
  • Overheating plugs and switches
  • Frequently blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers
  • Flickering or dimming lights

An electrical defect notice may also be issued if the faulty wiring has been installed incorrectly. Otherwise, the electrical supply to your property will be cut off until repairs are complete. If the person in charge of installing your property’s wiring is not that experienced, they might make mistakes, ultimately leading to safety risks. The signs in such a situation are the same as the ones listed above.

What To Do When You Receive An Electrical Defect Notice?

Electrical defect notices are only issued after a full electrical safety inspection of your house. If your wiring meets the standards, you won’t have to worry about anything. But if you receive a notice, the first thing to do is to keep calm and get in touch with our local electrician in Sydney.

Our lines are open throughout the day, so you can reach out anytime. After booking an appointment, a qualified electrician will be dispatched to your address, performing their own inspection after reaching your property. They will then repair the wiring system after finding the source of the problem or replace the old or damaged parts with new ones. 

The whole task should be completed within a day or two. We will swap all the old wiring components with high-quality replacement parts to ensure that you do not get any more notices in the foreseeable future. We will then provide you with the required paperwork to rectify the notice.

Call Us, And Let Our Experts Handle It For You!

Rectify your defect notice today with Sydney’s expert electricians at True Site Electrical. 

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust True Site Electrical to provide you with the best electrical defect notice repairs in Sydney. So contact us today to get started, and let us take care of your electrical needs!

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Have Any Questions ?

An electrical defect notice in Sydney is a document issued by a qualified electrician that identifies any safety hazards or defects in an electrical installation. It is a legal requirement for all electrical installations in the Sydney area to be inspected and tested per the relevant safety standards.

If a property owner does not comply with an electrical defect notice, they may be liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the non-compliance. In addition, they may be subject to fines, penalties, or other legal action.

Yes, it is possible to appeal an electrical defect notice if the property owner believes it is incorrect. The appeal should be made to the relevant authority within the timeframe specified in the notice.

An electrical defect notice should include details of any safety hazards or defects in an electrical installation and any necessary corrective actions.

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