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Do You Need A Solar Battery?

Using the sun as a power source is a concept as old as time, being a cleaner and greener energy source.

Only relatively recently has technology caught up to making solar power the primary source of electricity for homes. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also saves you money in the long run.

That said, installing a solar battery storage system in your home can be a point of hesitation. After all, there is a chance that a solar power system can’t generate electricity sufficiently, which raises questions about its effectiveness.

So, let’s ease those doubts and see how solar batteries work and how your solar power system can benefit from them.

How A Solar Battery Works

The primary purpose of a solar battery is to store the power collected from the sun by solar panels. These panels are installed in a place with abundant sunlight, such as the roof. And the solar panels must cover as large a surface area as possible to maximise the absorption of solar energy.

After absorbing the solar power, the panels convert it into electricity for your home. A solar storage unit may require a hybrid solar inverter, which supports the battery as it provides power to the house. Any excess energy is sent to the solar battery instead of the power grid, conserving it for use during the evening.

If your solar system doesn’t have a battery, any surplus energy production in the solar panels is sent back into the electrical grid. Known as net-metering, it is a form of electrical generation for others to use, which earns you a credit on the next month’s electricity bill.

diagram of how solar batteries work

The Advantages Of Solar Batteries

Before you add solar batteries to your solar panel system, it’s always good to gauge where it excels. Solar battery storage is a significant financial investment, after all, and you would want to maximise what you gain from them.

Here are the benefits of solar battery storage that can help you gauge if they make a valuable addition to your power system.

1. Reduced Electricity Bills

One of the most prominent highlights of solar electricity is the reduced energy costs. What a solar battery system does is take the concept even further.

Using your solar battery during the most active hours of the day will make the most out of your solar system. This makes it so that your power system doesn’t have to draw power from the electricity grid to compensate for any reduction in the electricity rate. As a result, you will save money on electrical expenses.

Additionally, how much energy you save depends mainly upon your solar installer. With custom-built energy storage systems, your solar panel system will be optimised effectively, further adding to your savings.

2. Environmentally Friendly

If you’re environmentally conscious, using a solar battery will further reduce your carbon footprint. Solar systems are already clean and sustainable, and solar batteries enhance that even further.

The battery keeps excess energy for later use, which reduces the number of times your power system has to draw from the power grid. This is as close as you can get to using electrical power that is completely clean and sustainable.

3. A Reliable Power Source

In case of an electrical grid power failure, you will have a source of power to rely on with solar battery storage. The backup power turns on instantly, and the amount of energy stored in the battery is sufficient to last you for a while.

If you live in a place facing frequent power outages, adding solar batteries to your solar power system will only benefit you. They are a step towards complete electrical independence from the power grid, which is a benefit on its own.

Should You Get A Solar Battery?

installing solar panels on black tin roof

So, should you add a solar battery to your solar system? The answer to this question is relatively simple.

If any of the benefits listed above appeal to you, consider getting a solar battery as a companion for rooftop solar panels. While the upfront costs of a complete solar power solution may seem high, you will recoup the value in time. With optimised power consumption and net metering, you will see benefits right away.

An important thing to note is to consult a reputed solar service provider to get the right battery. The electrical needs of each home vary significantly, and you will only reap benefits through personalisation.

Types Of Solar Batteries

solar invertor and battery

There are two main types of solar batteries: lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The primary difference between the two comes from battery capacity and depth of discharge.

Battery manufacturers typically favour lithium-ion batteries due to their higher depth of discharge, greater lifespan and solar storage capacity over lead-acid. But these are also quite expensive and may burn a hole in your wallet.

On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are more budget-friendly, but they trade off the depth of discharge and lifespan for lower battery prices.

The latter is slowly being pushed out of the market due to being inferior at its job, while the former is continuously rising in popularity. Lithium-ion battery storage is the best solar battery type to go for any solar-powered system, both practically and in an economic sense.

The Right Solar Battery Size

When it comes to solar batteries, it’s always best to size them based on what the residential solar energy systems are capable of. Batteries with a higher capacity are always more expensive, after all.

Based on how much energy your home consumes on average, you may need a battery with a capacity ranging from 1 kilowatt-hour to 15 kilowatt-hours. The battery should have enough capacity to store energy during the day when the sun is up. At the same time, it should sustain your home during the night when the electricity usage rate is higher.

Be sure to research what you need from the battery before purchasing.

Is A Solar Battery Worth It? Weighing Up The Benefits

You can’t go wrong with installing a solar battery for a home or facility primarily using solar power. The benefits you receive with net metering make a notable impact on your electrical expenses by reducing them quite a bit.

A lot of what your solar system is capable of depends on your solar service provider. Personalisation is the key to minimising your spending on electricity bills, which good solar energy retailers take care of.

Contact True Site Electrical today for all your solar PV system needs. From installing new solar batteries to repairing existing solar panels in Sydney, our trained professionals will handle everything. Give us a call to enjoy our premium services!

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